Foundation Phase : Grade R

The Foundation classes have busy, happy days that are filled with fun whilst the learner works and experiences the important and necessary skills for life and further learning.

The Foundation Phase follow the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS), where the learners are taught knowledge, skills and values


What is the Foundation Phase?

The Foundation Phase ranges from Grade R (the reception year) to Grade 3.

The Foundation Phase is the first phase of formal schooling in South Africa, and is very important in establishing the basis on which learners will grow in formal schooling. Learners who do well in the Foundation Phase in general will do well in later phases.


Guidelines for determining a learner’s progress from Grade R to Grade 1

Programme requirementsProgression guidelines
Home Language A learner should obtain the following minimum standards:
Maths Home Language (HL) (Adequate Achievement) (50%-59%)
Life Skills Mathematics (Moderate Achievement) (40%-49%)
Teaching time per week: 23 hours SBA = 100 % of total mark/final progression mark

As far as possible, all learners should progress from Grade R to Grade 1 provided that they are in the correct age cohort.


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