Intermediate Phase : Grade 6

The table below shows the subjects and instructional times in the Intermediate Phase

SubjectTime allocation per week (hours)
I. Home Language 6
II. First Additional Language 5
III. Mathematics 6
IV. Natural Science and Technology 3.5
V. Social Sciences 3
VI. Life Skills 4
• Creative Arts 1.5
• Physical Education 1
• Personal and Social Well-being 1.5

Pass Requirements

SubjectPass Requirements
Home Language 50%
First Additional Language 40%
Mathematics 40%
Natural Science and Technology 40%
Social Science 40%
Life Skills

The following are guidelines for determining a learner’s progress from Grade 4 to Grade 5, from Grade 5 to Grade 6 and from Grade 6 to Grade 7:

Programme requirementsProgression guidelines
A learner must offer the following six (6) subjects: A learner should obtain the following minimum standards:
Home Language (HL) Home Language (HL) (Adequate Achievement) (50%-59%)
First Additional Language (FAL) First Additional Language (FAL) (Moderate Achievement) (40%-49%)
Mathematics Mathematics (Moderate Achievement) (40%-49%)
Natural Science and Technology TWO of the remaining three subjects (Moderate Achievement) (40%-49%)
Teaching time per week: 27½ hours SBA = 75% of total mark/final progression mark Examination = 25% of total mark/final progression mark

Learners must meet all the SBA requirements in the six (6) subjects.

School Based Assessment (SBA)

School-Based Assessment (SBA) is a compulsory component and should be implemented as follows in the different GET phases and Further Education and Training (FET) band:

PhaseSBA Component %End of Year Exams %
Foundation Phase 100% 0
Intermediate Phase 75% 25
Senior Phase 40% 60
FET Band 25% 75

The weighting of Life Orientation in the FET Band is the exception since the SBA component will comprise 100% of the total mark.


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